Welcome to Fox Sports Southern Utah

Southern Utah is getting bigger and bigger every day. With the population growth comes a growth in sports. That is why we brought Fox Sports to Southern Utah. We wanted to make sure that you have access to all of the sporting events and news in the area.


Not only is Southern Utah growing, but our neighbors are growing too. In 2017, Las Vegas became home to their first ever professional franchise with the Vegas Golden Knights. The city of Las Vegas (and Southern Utah) have welcomed professional sports with open arms. The Oakland Raiders followed not too long after with their first season in Las Vegas last year. Even though there may be a state line between us, we now have professional sports right in our backyard, and we want to make sure that we bring those sports even closer to home through Fox Sports Southern Utah.


Not only will we be talking about the pros, but we will be covering local college and high school sports. We have already got things started with our podcast, From The Bleachers, and will have our own local show in the coming weeks. More info on that in the future.


If you’re starving for more sports content, then we are here for you. Listen to our weekly podcast, From The Bleachers on your favorite podcast app, and tune in to 99.5 fm in St. George for the best national lineup in sports radio.


We are beyond excited to start talking sports with all of the great fans across Southern Utah. We hope to be the people right alongside of you, celebrating the victories, mourning the losses, and fueling the passionate rivalries across all sporting events. Thank you for joining us, and welcome to Fox Sports Southern Utah.

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